Environmental Sustainability

EZTEC has developed several environmental programs to mitigate the impact of its activities on the environment and preserve green areas. The company is currently involved in the following environmental initiatives:

Waste Management Program: The program is aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of the waste produced by EZTEC’s activities, in addition to promoting the organization and cleaning of the works and the control of waste. Waste management is implemented from the planning of each project through to its conclusion. All waste disposal involves a critical analysis of the following activities:

  • Investigation and analysis of the most appropriate final disposal option;
  • Selection and accrediting of companies to handle final disposal procedures;
  • Registration of final waste disposal with the appropriate environmental body;
  • Collection and storage;
  • Temporary disposal;
  • Transport;
  • Inventory and control of final waste disposal.

These practices are in conformity with National Environment Council (CONAMA) Resolution 307.

Morar Bem Project: EZTEC believes that the preservation of green areas, in addition to generating environmental benefits, is directly conducive to the well-being of employees, future inhabitants and the surrounding community. It therefore takes the following precautions when creating and developing its projects:

  • Analysis, by an engineer, of the site’s environmental preservation areas and potential damage prior to the beginning of the works;
  • Preservation of all trees on the site that are registered at the notary office;
  • Planting of two trees for every one felled;
  • Revitalization of the squares located near the property;
  • Planting of seedlings on sidewalks adjacent to the property;
  • Maintenance and/or planting of woodland in available areas.

The works follow the strictest safety and hygiene standards in order to ensure a healthy working environment and employees are affiliated to SINTRACON (the São Paulo state construction workers’ union). EZTEC is also constantly concerned with the social development of the communities where it operates.

Forests of the Future Program: EZTEC is the first company in the development and construction to become a partner in the Forests of the Future Program of Fundação SOS Mata Atlantica. This program brings together civil society organizations, the private sector, landowners and the Government around the reforestation of native species of flora.

The project covers three different fronts, all of vital importance for the preservation and restoration of the environment: carbon sequestration (CO2), maintenance of biodiversity and conservation of water resources of the Company. Moreover, to support social-environmental and technical training through sustainable activities that assists in the conservation of the Atlantic.

Social Sustainability

EZTEC focuses on quality of life of its employees through the implementation of various projects and programs in different areas. The works follow the strictest safety and hygiene to ensure a good working environment and the workers are affiliated to SINTRACON (Workers of the Building Industries of Sao Paulo). Moreover, EZTEC is a constant concern in the development of the communities where it operates.

The Company currently maintains the following social initiatives:

Library at Work Project: This initiative offers library collections located at its building sites for all its employees. The libraries offer books, newspapers and magazines, encouraging reading and daily update.

Scholarship Program : The goal of this EZTEC project is to promote its employees´ education through the granting of bursaries amounting to 50% of the cost of courses on the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels.

Friendly Neighbor Project : This project aims at establishing positive relations with the people who live next to their building sites and is carried out from the construction of the site all the way up to the sale of units. In addition to obeying all municipal laws, the Company ensures the cleanliness of all the sidewalks that surround its worksites. Through rigorous supervision, it also ensures that suppliers and service providers commit to respecting these same laws, under the penalty of fine. Before any work takes place, an analysis of adjacent buildings and homes is conducted in order to prevent damage. In addition, letters are sent to nearby residents informing them about work timetables and a communication channel is provided through the e-mail address Any concerns, suggestions and complaints are answered within a timeframe no longer than 48 hours by professionals in the marketing, human relations and engineering fields.