Audit Commitee

In accordance with Brazilian Corporation Law, the Audit Board is a corporate body that is independent from the management and external auditors. The Audit Board may function on a permanent or temporary basis, in this latter case functioning during a specific fiscal year when installed at the request of shareholders representing at least 2% of the shares with voting rights, with each period of its functioning terminating at the first annual shareholders‘ meeting held after its installation.

The main responsibilities of the Audit Board are to audit the activities of the management, review the company’s financial statements and report their findings to shareholders. Brazilian Corporation Law requires members of the Audit Board to receive compensation of at minimum 10% of the average annual compensation of the Company’s officers. Brazilian Corporation Law also requires the Audit Board to be composed of at least three and at most five members, as well as their respective alternate members.

The Bylaws of EZTEC provide for an Audit Board installed on a temporary basis, elected exclusively at the request of the Company‘s shareholders assembled in a shareholders‘ meeting. EZTEC‘s Audit Board is currently installed.

The compensation of the members of the audit commitee is determined at the annual shareholders´ meeting at which they were elected.

Name Position Election Date Term Expiration
Paulo Chede Mattar Chairman April 28, 2017 May of 2018
Flavio Pedro de Moraes Nazarian Member of the Supervisory Board April 28, 2017 May of 2018
Rogério Antônio Eduardo Abinader Alternate Member of the Supervisory Board April 28, 2017 May of 2018
Sergio Eduardo Saad Alternate Member of the Supervisory Board April 28, 2017 May of 2018
Luciana Doria Wilson Member of the Supervisory Board April 28, 2018 April of 2019
Mauricio Martelli Cardoso Member of the Supervisory Board April 28, 2018 April of 2019

Paulo Chede Mattar: is the Chairman of our Audit Commitee. Mr. Paulo was born in Brazil, on August 18, 1949 and graduated in business administration from Fundacao Getulio Vargas in 1972. His professional experience includes the direction of Real Estate companies, among them Nicholas & Construction Ltd. Mattar. He is currently Officer of Suzano. He was member of EZTEC’s Audit Commitee between 2009 and 2010.

Flavio Pedro de Moraes Nazarian: Mr. Nazarian was born in Brazil, on October 29, 1936, graduated the Presbiterian Mackenzie Law school in 1962. His professional experience consists of over 20 years in the textile industry. He is currently member of the Advisory Board of the Retailers employers‘ union.

Rogério Antonio Eduardo Abinaderi: is a civil engineer graduated from Escola Politécnica from USP in 1972. He worked in Bradesco Seguros from 1972 to 1990, and his last position was Superintendent of Claims. Since 1990, he is Officer Owner of RA Poliseg Insurance Broker Ltd.

Sergio Eduardo Saad: Mr. Saad was born in January 4th, 1937 and graduated in the Presbiterian Mackenzie Buisness school in 1972. Mr. Saad was owner of a textile industry for 20 years and, currently, acts as real estate consultant.

Luciana Doria Wilson:: Mrs. Luciana

Maurício Martelli Cardoso: Mr. Mauríco