Business Model and Strategy

The Company adopts an integrated business model, operating with project development, sales and construction, as well as offering financing to clients.

Land Acquisition

  • Focus on the city and Metropolitan area of São Paulo (84% of the PSV of the Company’s land bank by the end of the 4Q12);
  • Purchase of lots by addition (acquisition of smaller adjacent areas, adding up into a larger lot);
  • Acquisition of land preferably in cash, avoiding exchanges;
  • Compliance with strict viability criterias.

Project Development

  • Medium to High-End income residential and commercial projects;
  • Demand Analysis:
    • Search for areas with lower supply and competition
    • Adapting projects to regional demand
    • Anticipation of market trends;
  • Maximization of land usage, in compliance with regional legislation;
  • Brand recognized by punctuality and quality of projects.


  • Own brokerage team (Tec Vendas) with more than 600 brokers;
  • Modern system to assist brokers and the client base;
  • Confirmation of region´s expected demand;
  • Pre-sales;
  • Relevant participation in sales of inventory units.


  • Own construction team;
  • Planning team operating independently from the Execution Team, guaranteeing the strict control of internal costs, deadlines and quality and the compliance with EZTEC’s standards;
  • Savings with management fees by avoiding third-party construction;
  • Construction sites are predominantly in São Paulo and its Metropolitan Area which enables the Company to establish long-term strategic partnerships with suppliers.

Financial Solidity

  • Organized growth financed with own Cash Flow generation;
  • The Company operates with Net Cash;
  • Direct financing to clients, generating Financial Revenue at IGP-M+12% p.a.
  • Total absence of Corporate Debt, using only financing lines from the Government’s Housing Program (SFH), with limits that are pre-approved with major financial institutions.